The Brinkley House at Sunny Mellow Villa

Tucked in the Cibola National Forest just east of Albuquerque, we discovered the Brinkley House at Sunny Mellow Villa. As we walked up to our February home, we found ourselves standing on a sprawling porch in possession of the most impressive view from any Airbnb we’ve yet to discover. Soft… Continue Reading

National Monuments of New Mexico

Not long into our drive towards Albuquerque we realized our mistake in not having visited New Mexico sooner. This stunning state is indeed the land of enchantment with its diverse range of climates, environments, and cultures. A vast and largely unpopulated state, New Mexico boasts some of the most spectacular… Continue Reading

Significant Time With A Significant Other

Our relationship’s origin story is littered with clichés. We met in a second period English class when we were 15 going on 16. By our junior year we were biology lab partners and by our senior year we were voted best the guy-girl pals for the yearbook. After years of… Continue Reading