Is Your Airbnb Ready for the Remote Workforce? (Our First Guest Post!)

Today bnbNomad celebrated its 3-month birthday with a very special first. Our inaugural guest post debuted on one of the most unique blogs in the Airbnb sphere: 1 Chic Retreat. Mercedes and Karen are interior design wizards who have brought their talent to the world of vacation rentals. Through a combination of in-depth blog posts and in-person services, this duo helps Airbnb owners leverage the power of design to maximize their bookings and produce happy guest after happy guest.

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Our Guest Post

Here’s our post! Is Your Airbnb Ready for the Remote Workforce? 5 Design Strategies to Prepare for the Next Wave of Travelers. It was a privilege to add our perspective as perpetual Airbnb guests to this interior design blog. As remote work continues to become more common, we combed through our own experience working from Airbnbs to identify the ins and outs of creating the ideal remote work environment.

The 5 Strategies 

Here are the five design strategies we teased apart that simultaneously encourage relaxation while boosting productivity:

  1. Fuel Productivity with Inspiration
  2. Craft an Ergonomic Workspace
  3. Flip the Cube Farm
  4. Blur the Inside/Outside Line
  5. Protect the Flow

For all the tactics and logic underpinning these five principles, check out our full post at 1 Chic Retreat! If you’re an Airbnb host looking to capitalize on this new wave of guests looking to blend work and travel, this should go on the reading list.

1 Chic Retreat

If you’re an Airbnb host who hasn’t yet discovered 1 Chic Retreat’s blog, you’re in for a treat! Mercedes and Karen have cultivated a wealth of information that’s as fun to read as it is effective to implement. Their posts push your assumptions, prod your creativity, and awaken that eye for design that will throw your space into a whole new light.

Our Favorite Posts

Mercedes and Karen are masters of explaining why we react to interior spaces the way we do. They’ve got the whole package: big picture concepts that are broken down into bite-size steps that any Airbnb host can leverage. Here are a few of our favorite posts on the blog.

Our Favorite Designs

1 Chic Retreat’s in-person designs transform their clients’ Airbnbs. If you’re an HGTV junkie, these before and after renovations will leave your jaw on the floor. Here are three examples from their portfolio that immediately put California and Idaho on our destination list.

Happy Hosting!

Thanks so much for sharing this blogging milestone with us. We’d love to hear from you in the comments below! Tell us about your favorite design tricks or the remote-work friendly adjustments your guests love. Until next time, happy hosting!

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