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In the spring of 2017, we left our home in the midwest for a nomadic life on the road. Accompanied by our lanky pup Odin, we now travel full-time, work remotely, and live entirely in Airbnbs. During our adventures we’ve seen the very best of what Airbnb has to offer and we’re dedicated to the incredible community of hosts and guests around the world. As we continue to travel, we’re eager to share what we learn and experience. Here’s the goal of bnbNomad:


To help hosts maximize their Airbnb potential with tips and tricks based on our experiences as full-time guests


To guide first-time and seasoned guests alike towards the very best of what Airbnb has to offer


And to give any curious travel-lover a look into a fully nomadic Airbnb lifestyle

Our Nomadic Family

Erin Profile


Wife, extrovert, early-riser. I’m the humanist and the optimist. I studied poetry in college, turned into a data analyst during the course of my first office job, and now own a small business called Data Dozen that focuses exclusively on teaching folks how to visualize their data. I am addicted to podcasts, coffee, and yoga. In college, I spent a year in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Barcelona, Spain bumbling through each day with mediocre Spanish and a gleeful grin on my face. When I returned for my senior year of college, I was convinced that all my long term traveling had concluded. For every adult I knew, travel required vacation days, and my new job had a finite number of those to dole out.

Jay's Profile


Husband, techie, night-owl. I’m the engineer and the level-headed pragmatist who balances out my lovely wife’s unending belief that we can get 48 hours of work done in half a day. I develop software for a large, midwestern tech firm and after several years on site, I arranged to work remotely full time. Cleaning out the cube felt good. As a kid, I was fortunate enough to spend my summers at a camp in Minnesota, and as I got older, we would take backpacking and canoeing trips throughout North America. These outdoor adventures were my understanding of travel, and when I signed my contract for a full-time position after college, I was sure my extended traveling had come to an end.

Odin stares intently out the car window


Dog, protector, runner. He’s a mostly well-behaved, always well-intentioned pup whose life became infinitely more interesting as an Airbnb resident. New smells, new spaces, new walks, and much more time with his people. He’s three years old, a lanky black lab mix with one white foot and a lone albino toenail. His name, so carefully bestowed on adoption day, turned out to be rather ironic given that he spooks at the slightest wavering of a plastic bag.

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