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Airbnb Gifts: 50 Ideas for the Airbnb Host in Your Life

Looking for the perfect gift for an Airbnb host? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a guest  looking to leave a little something for an outstanding host or a family member eager to show your loved one how much you support their entrepreneurial drive, these gifts are bound to impress. Ranging from inexpensive to high-end items, these pieces are ideal for the hard-working host and their Airbnb. Just click the dropdown arrow to read about each gift, and if you’d like, support bnbNomad by using our pink affiliate linksAfter countless stays and conversations with incredible hosts, we’ve cultivated this collection of hand-picked presents to inspire the generous folks that make the Airbnb community possible. 


These clever gifts will fit any budget. From the lighthearted to the practical, this collection has the perfect present for any host.

Any Airbnb enthusiast will have the perfect place for a branded Airbnb sticker like this.
A book any host will love, The Airbnb Story captures how this wacky idea of space sharing went on to be a heavy hitter in the hospitality industry.
Written by the captivating Senior Nomads, Your Keys, Our Home offers an intimate look into how these two retirees became full time Airbnb travelers.
A memorable keychain like this helps guests keep track of the keys during their Airbnb visit.

Inspire visiting guests or a future trip for the host in your life with exciting guidebooks.

The gift that could save thousands of dollars: pick up a funny septic system reminder for your host’s Airbnb bathroom.
Chalkboards are perfect for notes to yourself or welcoming words for guests.
Every Airbnb should have an inviting guestbook to capture the memories made there.
Hysterical games like Cards Against Humanity will liven up any evening for hosts or guests.
Essential oil diffusers freshen up any room without open flames or harsh smells.
A treat for hosts or guests, handmade soap will be appreciate with each wash.
Help your host relax with luxurious bath bombs. They deserve it!
Coffee mugs with a nod to adventure remind hosts why they got into Airbnb in the first place.

Help hosts protect their best furniture with accented coasters like these.

Turkish hand towels add a unique flair to any bathroom or kitchen.
Brighten up any bedroom with a few fun throw pillows like these spring inspired ones.
Make any space feel like home with soft throw blankets like these.
Luxury flair without the cost, these super soft bathrobes add that hotel feel to any Airbnb.
Wall hooks offer such a fun opportunity to add a distinctive decoration by an Airbnb door.
A string of lights can add a playful touch to an indoor or outdoor space.
Given the amount of laundry hosts do, a beautiful woven laundry basket like this will be appreciated on a routine basis.
Help protect the rest of the towels from makeup stains by adding a black towel just for the face.
Every Airbnb should have a carbon monoxide detector. Keep everyone safe with this gift.
Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are the perfect solution for all the random scuffs and stains that pop up in a loved Airbnb.

MEMORABLE GIFT | $25 – $50

These Airbnb gifts will make a splash for a reasonable price. From hospitality decorations to utility pieces, these gifts are bound to liven up any space. 

Liven up an Airbnb with an artisan map of its city. These beautiful maps come from Mr. City Printing out of St. Louis.

Set the tone for hospitality from the moment the guests open the door with this welcoming outdoor mat.

Coffee table books provide polish to a space and insight to the region for visiting guests.
Most Airbnbs are in need of a good knife set. If you love to cook, this could be the perfect gift for the host in your life.
This broad cutting board has a convenient lip that slides against the side of the counter.
Safety first! A fire extinguisher is a great gift for an Airbnb host that’s often overlooked.

Custom signs are memorable ways to solidify an Airbnb’s branding while helping direct guests.

parking sign at New Mexico Airbnb

IKEA is the go-to store for Airbnb hosts. A gift card of any amount is a welcomed treat if there’s a store nearby.

Encourage the host in your life to go on a trip of their own with exciting travel gear like this Osprey Daylite Daypack.


If you’re looking to invest in a gift that will revolutionize how easily a host runs their Airbnb, these gifts are guaranteed to impress.

Reprogrammable for each guest, an electronic keypad deadbolt is the perfect replacement for Airbnb keys.

Help your Airbnb host buy all the amenities they need from paper towels to cleaning supplies in bulk with a Costco Membership.

Make the Airbnb cleaning routine easier with a high-powered cordless vacuum.
A single serve coffee or espresso machine like a Keurig or Nespresso is a welcome addition to any Airbnb kitchen.
Buy the pots and pans guests can’t mess up. This non-stick set is attractive and a breeze to clean.
Help the host in your life cut the cable by setting up a Roku in their Airbnb living room.
Area rugs become the centerpiece of any Airbnb room and add stunning texture on top of hardwood floors.
Visually double the size of any Airbnb with a full sized wall mirror.
If the host in your life as an outdoor area dedicated to guests, a standalone hammock will make sure the space is truly appreciated.
A bluetooth speaker will be enjoyed by the host while they’re prepping the space and the guests during their visit. Plus this one’s waterproof!
The perfect face mask with soothing rose smells and gentle exfoliation, it’s an ideal way for a host unwind.
Or go all out and send the Airbnb host in your life to a spa for a day. (The Spa Finder gift card is accepted at most US Spas.)

The quickest way to increase bookings and revenue is to have professional photos on the Airbnb listing. Work with a local photographer to schedule a photoshoot of the Airbnb.

Find a local graphic designer to work with your Airbnb host to create a custom logo. It will bring the Airbnb’s branding alive.

Logo for Oak and Hare Farms a Tennessee Airbnb

Pay for your the host’s place to be reviewed by Airbnb Plus and catapult it into the high-end company of other verified Airbnbs. 

Happy Hosting!

Thank you so much for checking out our gift ideas for the Airbnb host in your life! We’d love to hear from you. What ideas do you have for presents that show Airbnb hosts how much you care? Let us know if the comments below, and until next time, happy hosting (and happy travels) to you and yours!

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  1. We like to leave gifts brought from local farm stands and shops from home to give them a feel for where we’re from- locally made soaps, honey, maple syrup, jams & jellies.

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