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Looking to enhance your Airbnb travel? As Airbnb enthusiasts, we love helping folks get the most out of their Airbnb adventures. Whether you’re a exploring Airbnb for the first time or you’re a seasoned Airbnb guest, we’ve got tips and tricks for you. Happy travels!

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Book my first stay

Ready to give Airbnb a try? Start here and get the most out of your very first stay.

A homemade wood-burned sign welcomes us to the farm

What is Airbnb?

Before we had actually ever stayed in an Airbnb, we had sold half our stuff on Craigslist, moved the rest into storage, and booked an

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Discover Great Airbnbs

From cabins to haylofts, go inside the Airbnbs we’ve absolutely adored.

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Travel Smarter

Make your next trip the best one yet with these travel tactics.

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Explore Destinations

Looking for a new destination? Here are some stops we loved.

bench on California Highway 1

California Highway 1

Contrary to our Midwestern assumptions, it turns out there are cold, rainy days in California. And they can come in relentless succession. When we left

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Travel Full Time

Gear up for your own nomadic adventure with these full time travel strategies.

An open road in Wyoming


One year before our full-time travels began, I had a five day obsession with selling everything we owned, quitting our jobs, and living in a tent

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