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500+ Essential Items and Delightful Amenities that Airbnb Guests Adore

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We’re building our very first paid airbnb guide for hosts

We’re building something brand new at bnbNomad! After four years of blogging and countless Airbnb nights, we’re building our very first paid Airbnb guide for hosts. (Don’t worry! It won’t be expensive.) We’ve got an ambitious goal: we’ve set out to document every last item an Airbnb host should consider adding to their space, from the absolute essentials to the delightful surprises that prompt rave reviews. As you might guess, the more we study our stays, the longer this list is getting. Whether you’re just starting to outfit your Airbnb or you’re looking to spruce up an old favorite, this guide will walk you through a series of checklists and worksheets to make sure you haven’t forgotten a thing. Right now, we’re hard at work building this inaugural guide. And who knows! If you love this one, there may be more Airbnb guides in the future. For now, stay in the loop by joining the launch list below and be the first to know when the outfitting guide goes live. We can’t wait to share the finished product with you. 


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