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Finally! You’ve found it. After all those online searches, you have discovered the all-in-one guide you need to prepare your Airbnb with confidence. We’ll go room-by-room, step-by-step until we’ve fixed all the blindspots and your Airbnb is officially done and ready to knock the socks right off your guests. After years of travel, one-on-one consultations with Airbnb hosts, and an obsessive amount of research, we’ve distilled the sea of knowledge into this easy-to-follow guide. Let’s get started.

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the #1 question we hear from hosts...

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This guide is the definitive answer to that question.

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HERE'S WHAT YOU'll find inside

12 Chapters

You’ll find a chapter for every room in your Airbnb, from the bedroom to the outdoors, plus chapters for specific types of guests.

500+ Amenities

We’ve left no stone unturned. These checklists contains over 500 amenities every host should consider adding to their space.

90 Prompts

With 90 questions all about your own Airbnb, you’ll be ready to take action and apply what you’ve learned to your own space.

don't forget a thing


In our comprehensive checklists, we’ve gathered up every item your guests might need during their stay. From basic essentials to the best kept secrets, we’ll make sure your Airbnb is fully stocked.

learn from the experts


We’ve collected our absolute favorite Airbnbs and deconstructed why each space works so well. We isolate each piece of the puzzle so you can see how these ideal spaces actually come together.

put your best foot forward


Every Airbnb is different. We want to help you accentuate what’s special about your place. Each chapter offers a series of questions and prompts to help you bring out the best in your Airbnb.

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Bonuses to help you take action

Airbnb checklist of all essentials

essentials checklist

Short on time? Hit the ground running with this pared-down checklist with just the essential amenities. Walk through your Airbnb with this interactive PDF and shore up the most critical blindspots before your next guests arrive.

master checklist

Looking for a bird’s-eye view of your progress applying the guide? This comprehensive master checklist gathers up every amenity suggested in the entire 150+ page guide and puts them into a streamlined, interactive PDF. 

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Hi there! We’re Jay and Erin, the husband and wife team behind bnbNomad. On the off chance you didn’t already know this: we love Airbnb. A lot. In 2017, we embarked on a travel adventure throughout the United States and Canada. For over a year, we lived full time in Airbnbs with our pup Odin. We started bnbNomad as a way to give a little something back to a community that has given us so much. We’re guests, not hosts, so our resources combine the brilliance of countless hosts for a broad perspective. As we embark on each new adventure, we can’t wait to gather new ideas, strategies, and inspiration for hosts like you.

Erin & Jay

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You’ve got big goals for your Airbnb. You’re a driven, big-hearted host creating a profitable powerhouse that guests absolutely adore.

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You’re tired of searching for Airbnb checklists. Those endless Google rabbit holes just produce partial lists and too many open tabs. 

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Your to-do list is long and your time is short. You need a one-stop-shop that packages all of the right information into a step-by-step plan.

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The Definitive Guide to Outfitting Your Airbnb

+ BONUS: The Essentials Checklist

+ BONUS: The Master Checklist


Yep, that’s it. All of this for the price of one new weekend booking. We promise, this guide will pay for itself in no time.

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