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On some days, being an Airbnb host isn’t exactly what you had imagined. Maybe it’s overwhelming, isolating, or just not making the kind of money you had hoped for. At bnbNomad, we’re on a mission to help hosts thrive, not just get by. We create step-by-step resources that bring together the best hosting strategies from around the world. We’ll give you the knowledge and community you need to finally create the joyful, prosperous Airbnb you deserve. Happy hosting!

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Optimize Your Listing

A completely free step-by-step plan that coaches you through transforming your listing into a booking magnet in just five days.



Outfit Your Airbnb

The definitive guide to outfitting your Airbnb with checklists that include over 500+ essential items and delightful amenities guests adore.

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JUST getting started

You’re a brand new Airbnb host (welcome!) and you want to make sure you’ve got the basics covered. There’s no better place to start than with bnbNomad’s essentials checklists. We will make sure your guests find everything they’re looking for when they stay at your Airbnb.

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Your Airbnb is starting to take off. (Congratulations by the way!) You’re a Superhost in the making and you’re looking to step up your hosting game. These resources will help you elevate your hospitality, delight your guests, and start collecting a bunch of five-star reviews.

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You’re a seasoned Airbnb pro with happy guests and a beautiful space. Now you’re looking to spend more time on the parts of hosting you love and less time on the parts you don’t (while maintaining the same income of course!) Here are the best resources for you.

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