Between Airbnbs: The Roads We Traveled in 2017

As we drifted off to sleep one December night, we took turns listing the highlights of 2017. Quit a job. Sold half our stuff. Started a business. Started living in Airbnbs. Hiked on Mount Rainier. Saw both coasts. Saw three black bears. Saw one bull moose. Went to Canada. Went to England. After a long pause, one of us remembered. Got married! 2017 was an exhilarating, whirlwind of a year. Between the milestones and the Airbnbs, 2017 was marked by road trips that wound across North America. From Saskatoon to Victoria, Seattle to New York City, here are the roads we traveled in 2017.

double rainbow at fort stevensons state park in North Dakota
a dirt road in saskatchewan canada
an outhouse in rural saskatchewan canada
the moose in moosejaw canada
open road beyond car dashboard
hatchback car in banff national park on a sunny day
mountains in banff national park smoke from fire
view from the ferry in british columbia canada
beach in victoria canada
the sign for mile 0 in victoria canada
cars waiting to get on a car ferry
highway entering seattle washington
bridge approaching seattle washington
mount rainier in washington state
the space needle in seattle washington
wind turbines in eastern washington state
sunrise in Idaho
side of the road in whyoming
road in Idaho
An open road in Wyoming
taconic state parkway with no cars and lots of fall leaves
red barn in upstate new york
park above the hudson river in upstate new york
the flatiron building in New York City
the brooklyn bridge on a cloudy day
snow covered street at sunrise
blue hatchback in front of cold atlantic ocean

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