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The Black Belt of Alabama

Just a few months after she had launched The Woolworth Lofts on Airbnb, we unknowingly did exactly what A.C. Reeves had spent years hoping travelers like us would do. Like many before us, we drove west from Montgomery to Selma, following the same 54-mile stretch of highway that the Civil Rights activists took east during the March of 1965, crossing the infamous Edmund Pettus Bridge and landing in the heart of Selma. But instead of

Hammock in Joshua Tree Airbnb
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Stargazer’s Retreat in Joshua Tree, California

We have officially found the perfect blend of National Park exploration and Airbnb relaxation. Meet Stargazer’s Retreat: an Airbnb you’ll mistake for a private resort that just so happens to bump up to the back of Joshua Tree National Park. This was a flawless stay. We’d spend our mornings hiking through the delightfully Seussian Joshua trees, and pass our afternoons unwinding at the most opulent Airbnbs we’ve discovered yet. After days of frolicking, we hadn’t

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Bad Airbnbs and Buyer’s Remorse: The Stays We Wish We Could Take Back

Well, it finally happened. After years of extensive Airbnb travel, we’ve officially jumped ship after arriving at a bad Airbnb. Once we’d seen the place in person, we reloaded our bags into the trunk and headed down the road to a nondescript hotel chain, knowing full well that we’d eat the cost of the one night booking. After a long day in the car, we were exhausted, and had no intention of calling Airbnb to

Airbnb photos of a front porch

Your Airbnb Listing: How to Take Gorgeous Airbnb Photos

Let’s talk Airbnb photos! As guests, we make almost all of our booking decisions based on an Airbnb’s photos. As we swipe through a sea of thumbnails, the quality of the photos becomes a proxy for the quality of the Airbnb itself. Everything else in the Airbnb listing—the description, the amenities, the stars—become tools to verify that our stay will actually live up to the expectations set in the pictures. This is why the photos

New Orleans Airbnb in the Lower Garden District
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Beautiful Two Bedroom Home in New Orleans

In late October, 17,000 data geeks (myself included) descended upon New Orleans for an annual tech conference of outlandish proportions. The city’s three-story, mile-long conference center was a sea of eager learners adorned with blue lanyards moving in slow currents that formed eddies around each conference room door. In anticipation of the sheer number of attendees, I had scrambled onto the Airbnb site four months earlier with uncharacteristically lenient search parameters. I just needed to

Be Our Guest Throw Pillow in Tennessee Airbnb

Airbnb Gifts: 50 Ideas for the Airbnb Host in Your Life

Looking for the perfect gift for an Airbnb host? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a guest  looking to leave a little something for an outstanding host or a family member eager to show your loved one how much you support their entrepreneurial drive, these gifts are bound to impress. Ranging from inexpensive to high-end items, these pieces are ideal for the hard-working host and their Airbnb. Just click the dropdown arrow to read about



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50 Airbnb Hosting Tips that Take One Minute or Less


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