Stained glass in renovated loft living room
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The Woolworth Lofts in Selma, Alabama

Whenever we’re searching for an Airbnb in a city and coming up short, one of our favorite strategies is to zoom out just a touch. Airbnb gems tend to cluster within an hour of our initial parameters. This is how we found the fabulous carriage house on the Sunshine Coast across the bay from Vancouver. It’s how we stumbled upon this serene farm an hour outside of Nashville. And it’s how we discovered the incredible

Goals for Your Airbnb: More Money, Extra Bookings, Better Reviews, and Less Time

Goals for Your Airbnb: More Money, Extra Bookings, Better Reviews, and Less Time

Let’s talk goals! Whether you’re a newly minted host, someone aiming for the Superhost stratosphere, or you’re welcoming a new year with some new Airbnb resolutions, this post is for you. We want you to get the most out of your Airbnb. More money. Extra bookings. Better reviews. And less time spent making all that happen. Moving the needle in a meaningful way is a two step process. First, you need to define the right

Airbnb for Work - The Airbnb Host's Checklist

The Airbnb Host’s “Airbnb for Work” Checklist

As an entrepreneurial, remote-working couple who loves to fuse work and travel, our Airbnb searches often include the “For Work” filter. We’re on the hunt for places that merge all the perks of a great Airbnb stay–a memorable space, generous hosts, a remarkable location–with an interior that encourages for productivity. (If you want to dive into the interior design weeds, check out our guest post about remote working for 1 Chic Retreat.) This emphasis on

Three windows in dining room at Oak and Hare Farms Be Our Guest Throw Pillow in Tennessee Airbnb
Featured Stay

The Cottage at Oak & Hare Farms

This is the second time we’ve made our way to a farmstay in the dark. And unlike most Airbnb arrivals, farms are usually tucked far away from street lamps, which meant that as we approached the Cottage at Oak & Hare Farms in Cannon County, Tennessee, our headlights were slicing through pitch black forest as we bumbled down a shoulderless road the same width as our car. In the name of full disclosure, these are

private airbnb in a windmill in the Kent countryside in England

The Private Airbnb: The Five Flavors of the “Entire Place” Home Type

Moving from one Airbnb to the next, our stays vary in all sorts of unpredictable ways, from the coziness of the bed to the walkability of the neighborhood to the preparedness of the kitchen. When we first started traveling, we found it just as difficult to anticipate the amount of privacy we’d have at a given Airbnb, even when we’d opt for the “Entire Place” home type. But the more we traveled, the better we got

Littleton, New Hampshire - Piano Project

Littleton, New Hampshire

We have developed a noticeable soft spot for small, New England towns. After booking a month in New York City, we’d intentionally set our Airbnb sights on the beautiful and rejuvenating Cherry Valley Farm. As has become tradition in our full time travels, as soon as we’d unpacked, we went out in search of takeout. Ten minutes down the road we found ourselves delighted by the discovery of Littleton, New Hampshire. With its bustling Main



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50 Airbnb Hosting Tips that Take One Minute or Less


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