Cherry Valley Farm

Perched between the idyllic towns of Bethlehem and Littleton, we discovered Cherry Valley Farm in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. In our starkest Airbnb transition to date, we departed from Brooklyn on a Saturday morning after a month of New York City overdrive and arrived that afternoon to the soft serenity… Continue Reading

Summer Pines Cottage on Cape Cod

Nestled in a quiet corner of Cape Cod, the Summer Pines Cottage epitomizes the relaxing Airbnb getaway we perpetually seek. With views of a serene pond and the beach just a mile away, our week-long trip to this famous destination exceeded all the expectations we had built up in our… Continue Reading

The Beckmann in Tower Grove

The Beckmann was an Airbnb that took us by surprise. Our booking strategy usually zeros in on places with bunch of reviews and, broadly speaking, we’ve seen a positive correlation between the overall cost and the quality of the experience. So here was an Airbnb with only a handful of… Continue Reading

Backyard Garden Cottage

Clocking in at just under 200 square feet, the Backyard Garden Cottage in Novato, California is a mind-boggling feat of engineering. With a full bathroom, kitchen, and queen-size bed, this Airbnb offers a completely functional home in the same square footage as a large bedroom. (Or tent. Seriously, there are… Continue Reading

The Brinkley House at Sunny Mellow Villa

Tucked in the Cibola National Forest just east of Albuquerque, we discovered the Brinkley House at Sunny Mellow Villa. As we walked up to our February home, we found ourselves standing on a sprawling porch in possession of the most impressive view from any Airbnb we’ve yet to discover. Soft… Continue Reading

The Modern Hayloft

This Airbnb was simply sensational. The second stop on our Airbnb honeymoon, the Modern Hayloft in Cotswolds was everything the pictures promised and more. This brilliantly renovated workshop achieves a sublime balance of rustic simplicity and modern indulgence. Nestled in the heart-warming town of Nailsworth, England, the Hayloft is a… Continue Reading