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Bad Airbnbs and Buyer’s Remorse: The Stays We Wish We Could Take Back

Well, it finally happened. After years of extensive Airbnb travel, we’ve officially jumped ship after arriving at a bad Airbnb. Once we’d seen the place in person, we reloaded our bags into the trunk and headed down the road to a nondescript hotel chain, knowing full well that we’d eat the cost of the one night booking. After a long day in the car, we were exhausted, and had no intention of calling Airbnb to

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The Private Airbnb: The Five Flavors of the “Entire Place” Home Type

Moving from one Airbnb to the next, our stays vary in all sorts of unpredictable ways, from the coziness of the bed to the walkability of the neighborhood to the preparedness of the kitchen. When we first started traveling, we found it just as difficult to anticipate the amount of privacy we’d have at a given Airbnb, even when we’d opt for the “Entire Place” home type. But the more we traveled, the better we got

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FAQ: Full Time Travel Answers for the Potential Nomad

This past weekend we reached a momentous milestone: one year of Airbnb living! To celebrate the occasion, we’ve gathered up all the questions we’ve received from readers considering a nomadic adventure and compiled our thoughts about full time travel here. We’re excited to expand this post, so if you have a different question, let us know! Just leave a comment below and we’ll get to work on an answer. Enjoy! Destinations HOW DO YOU DECIDE

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How to Get Invited Back: 10 Tips to Become the Ideal Airbnb Guest

With each Airbnb stay, our goal is to be the guests our host would happily invite back. As we eagerly await the roll out of the new Superguest designation, we’ve spent some time picking apart our own behavior, looking for the small actions guests can take to win over their hosts. Whether you’re a seasoned Airbnb traveler or brand new to the community, here are 10 tips to become the ideal Airbnb guest. 1) Actually

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15 Questions to Downsize for Full-Time Travel

Since we were freshman in college, each year has brought with it additional space. Shared dorms turned into individual singles, first apartments came with basement storage units next to the communal laundry machines, and by the time we merged our households, we had an entire garage and basement ready to welcome the unwieldy accumulation of material belongings which we referred to, like any good American, as our stuff. The decision to travel full-time prompted a

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5 Tips for Full-Time Travel with a Four-Legged Friend

In the flurry of deciding to travel full-time, our beloved dog Odin was the variable that introduced the most complexity. When we left the Midwest, he was almost three, somewhat well trained, and enamored with the sound of the garage door which told him one of us was home from work. Our initial concern was whether the quantity of pet-friendly Airbnbs was large enough to sustain continuous travel. But after a bit of online research



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50 Airbnb Hosting Tips that Take One Minute or Less


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