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10 Steps to Make An Airbnb Feel Like Home

Over the weekend we checked in to a sprawling Airbnb in Amarillo, Texas. With its big bright windows, chic decor, and decked out kitchen, our host had pulled out all the stops to make this a welcoming home for our month-long stay. And while there are so many things a host can do to make a fabulous first impression, we’ve also found that there are also plenty of tricks guests can use to settle into an

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Why Airbnb Reviews Are Inflated

As millennials ourselves, we should have known from the start that Airbnb reviews would be inflated. After all, we were the special snowflake generation invited to attend the middle-school award ceremony for simply participating in the geography bee. In this era of sometimes excessive goodwill, grades are boosted, performance reviews are inflated, and we clamor to “Like” as many posts as we can—because when it comes down to it, we all really want to be liked

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How to Book the Perfect Airbnb: 15 Steps to Find the Right Place for You

A fabulous Airbnb experience almost always boils down to booking the right Airbnb upfront. Since Airbnbs vary so widely, finding the right fit definitely takes longer than booking the local Holiday Inn Express. But investing the time is absolutely worth the excitement you’ll feel on check-in day. This post gives you an inside look at the steps we use each time we book an Airbnb as full-time travelers. Whether you’re a guest who’s racked up

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What is Airbnb?

Before we had actually ever stayed in an Airbnb, we had sold half our stuff on Craigslist, moved the rest into storage, and booked an entire summer of stays with eight different hosts scattered across two countries and seven cities. Our approach to learning about Airbnb was a sort of baptism by fire. But most folks aren’t looking for a 5,500 mile road trip introduction to Airbnb. So to answer the question “What is Airbnb?”,



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Hi there! We’re Erin and Jay, and we’re so happy you’re visiting bnbNomad. We discovered Airbnb in the spring of 2017 when we embarked on a nomadic adventure exploring North America. With our lanky pup Odin in tow, we lived for a year in Airbnbs, working remotely during the day and soaking in our surroundings by night. From New England farms to Southwest cabins, our generous hosts and their distinctive homes made our adventures more incredible than we could have imagined. As avid Airbnb travelers, bnbNomad is our small way of giving back to a community we love. We share the hosting tricks we adore as guests, feature homes and destinations from our journeys, and give travelers around the world an inside look at the unique perspective Airbnb has to offer.