The Airbnb Host’s Living Room Essentials Checklist

Whether your Airbnb is a tiny studio or a sprawling vacation home, we’d bet that it’s the living room that ties your entire space together. It connects the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, and unlike these other rooms that have a more singular purpose, the living room serves as the multifunctional… Continue Reading

How to Make the Perfect Airbnb Bed

It’s official. We have found the perfect Airbnb bed. On Sunday, we checked into a luxurious Airbnb with a bed so captivating, so meticulously assembled, that it triggered this series of reactions: a) we had an immediate desire to leap onto the bed in an outreached belly flop like we… Continue Reading

The Airbnb Host’s Kitchen Essentials Checklist

Airbnb guests vary wildly when it comes to their kitchen use. For some guests, a meticulously crafted kitchen just serves as a convenient place to toss leftovers after a luxurious string of meals out. For other guests, the ability to cook their own meals was the very reason they booked… Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning Your Airbnb

Happy spring everyone! If you’re an Airbnb host, there’s no better season than this to spruce up your Airbnb. As those summer bookings approach and warmer days start to crop up, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, throw open the windows, and give your Airbnb a proper spring cleaning…. Continue Reading