bed with teal quilt and many pillows

How to Make the Perfect Airbnb Bed

It’s official. We have found the perfect Airbnb bed. On Sunday, we checked into a luxurious Airbnb with a bed so captivating, so meticulously assembled, that it triggered this series of reactions: a) we had an immediate desire to leap onto the bed in an outreached belly flop like we were in a hotel commercial (we managed to refrain for the sake of the photos); b) we circled the bed running our fingers over every

common kitchen utensils

The Airbnb Host’s Kitchen Essentials Checklist

Airbnb guests vary wildly when it comes to their kitchen use. For some guests, a meticulously crafted kitchen just serves as a convenient place to toss leftovers after a luxurious string of meals out. For other guests, the ability to cook their own meals was the very reason they booked an Airbnb instead of a hotel. The variability of Airbnb kitchens themselves is equally extreme. There’s the vertical college kitchen comprised of the mini fridge,

cleaning solutions

Spring Cleaning Your Airbnb

Happy spring everyone! If you’re an Airbnb host, there’s no better season than this to spruce up your Airbnb. As those summer bookings approach and warmer days start to crop up, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, throw open the windows, and give your Airbnb a proper spring cleaning. Here’s why. No matter how stringent your cleaning regiment is or how much your guests respect your space, time takes an inevitable toll on all

top down view of a workspace with laptop and notebooks

Is Your Airbnb Ready for the Remote Workforce? (Our First Guest Post!)

Today bnbNomad celebrated its 3-month birthday with a very special first. Our inaugural guest post debuted on one of the most unique blogs in the Airbnb sphere: 1 Chic Retreat. Mercedes and Karen are interior design wizards who have brought their talent to the world of vacation rentals. Through a combination of in-depth blog posts and in-person services, this duo helps Airbnb owners leverage the power of design to maximize their bookings and produce happy

living room in a mirror

Triangulate Your Data: The Analytic Approach to Enhancing Your Airbnb

When social scientists want to test the validity of their information, they’ll triangulate their data. They’ll gather the same data utilizing different methods to see whether or not those independent techniques produce the same result. It’s such a basic idea, but if your an Airbnb host, the application of this strategy can provide more actionable information to enhance your Airbnb than any online course, consultation, or checklist. Here’s how it works. Instead of relying on

two coats and a dog leash hanging from a wooden coat rack

What Makes Week-Long Guests Different (And How To Prepare for Them)

Unlike the speedy one-night stay, guests who have booked a full week with you have seven whole days to settle in and soak up your Airbnb. These are the guests who not only notice all of the thoughtful touches you’ve added to your space, but the guests who actually have the time to enjoy them. Plus, there’s the added bonus of a booked Airbnb that doesn’t require the daily routine of cleaning and greeting. But



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50 Airbnb Hosting Tips that Take One Minute or Less


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