Spring in St. Louis: One Month of Daily Reflections

Nearly a year after trading our steady midwestern routine for this nomadic life, our travels circled back to the very city we left: St. Louis, Missouri. From four different Airbnbs, we explored neighborhoods we scarcely knew despite calling STL home for a combined twelve years. A mix of novelty and… Continue Reading

Significant Time With A Significant Other

Our relationship’s origin story is littered with clichés. We met in a second period English class when we were 15 going on 16. By our junior year we were biology lab partners and by our senior year we were voted best the guy-girl pals for the yearbook. After years of… Continue Reading

18 Quotes for 2018

Happy New Year! As we kick off 2018 here at bnbNomad, we thought we’d share a collection of 18 beloved quotes that always provide a boost of motivation when we need it most. Many of these quotes come from our well-worn copy of Tim Ferriss’ iconic book, The 4-Hour Workweek…. Continue Reading

Between Airbnbs: The Roads We Traveled in 2017

As we drifted off to sleep one December night, we took turns listing the highlights of 2017. Quit a job. Sold half our stuff. Started a business. Started living in Airbnbs. Hiked on Mount Rainier. Saw both coasts. Saw three black bears. Saw one bull moose. Went to Canada. Went to… Continue Reading


One year before our full-time travels began, I had a five day obsession with selling everything we owned, quitting our jobs, and living in a tent with our dog Odin until we ran out of money. I was stuck on I-64 on the first day of a new 90-minute, round-trip commute,… Continue Reading