Spring in St. Louis: One Month of Daily Reflections

Nearly a year after trading our steady midwestern routine for this nomadic life, our travels circled back to the very city we left: St. Louis, Missouri. From four different Airbnbs, we explored neighborhoods we scarcely knew despite calling STL home for a combined twelve years. A mix of novelty and… Continue Reading

How to Make the Perfect Airbnb Bed

It’s official. We have found the perfect Airbnb bed. On Sunday, we checked into a luxurious Airbnb with a bed so captivating, so meticulously assembled, that it triggered this series of reactions: a) we had an immediate desire to leap onto the bed in an outreached belly flop like we… Continue Reading

Backyard Garden Cottage

Clocking in at just under 200 square feet, the Backyard Garden Cottage in Novato, California is a mind-boggling feat of engineering. With a full bathroom, kitchen, and queen-size bed, this Airbnb offers a completely functional home in the same square footage as a large bedroom. (Or tent. Seriously, there are… Continue Reading

California Highway 1

Contrary to our Midwestern assumptions, it turns out there are cold, rainy days in California. And they can come in relentless succession. When we left our Airbnb in New Mexico for two weeks of reservation-free wandering up California’s famous Highway 1, the coastal camping trip we envisioned was warm and… Continue Reading

The Airbnb Host’s Kitchen Essentials Checklist

Airbnb guests vary wildly when it comes to their kitchen use. For some guests, a meticulously crafted kitchen just serves as a convenient place to toss leftovers after a luxurious string of meals out. For other guests, the ability to cook their own meals was the very reason they booked… Continue Reading