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Spring Cleaning Your Airbnb

Happy spring everyone! If you’re an Airbnb host, there’s no better season than this to spruce up your Airbnb. As those summer bookings approach and warmer days start to crop up, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, throw open the windows, and give your Airbnb a proper spring cleaning. Here’s why.

No matter how stringent your cleaning regiment is or how much your guests respect your space, time takes an inevitable toll on all Airbnbs. There’s the general wear and tear, dust and dings, but there’s also some random stuff that only a deep cleaning will catch. I once flipped on a reading lamp in an Airbnb to discover that a leggy spider had crawled into the shade’s sheer, pleated fabric and died. What daily Airbnb cleaning routine checks for that?

Here are twelve questions to spark a spring cleaning campaign that will truly rejuvenate your Airbnb. As always, if any of the products we recommend below jump out to you, we’d so appreciate your support for bnbNomad! Just use our pink affiliate links below. On to the cleaning questions!

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1) What wasn’t part of your original Airbnb?

  • Time to open all the drawers. Guests have a weird habit of leaving random stuff in low-traffic drawers. We once opened up a coffee table to find one lone, thankfully unused, diaper. Whatever you find, if you didn’t bring it into your Airbnb, out it goes!
  • Crusty condiments in the fridge, half eaten bags of chips on the counter, expired yeast packets in the cabinet. Auxiliary food items notoriously linger in Airbnb kitchens. We like the hotel approach better: only encountering food left out intentionally for us by thoughtful hosts.
  • The longer you’ve run your Airbnb, the more items you’ve probably brought into your space. Avoid the clutter creep and challenge yourself to remove a handful of items that you introduced over the years that now detract from the space more than they help.

2) Where are you scared to look?

  • How about the bottom of all your trash cans? Many could use a good power wash and thorough sanitization.
  • Your normal cleaning routine probably involves working around your furniture. Good spring cleaning is the exact opposite: it’s all about displacement. Move furniture, appliances, trinkets, completely out of their usual position before you go in with your cleaning supplies. There are always fun surprises waiting behind the stove.
  • Fall and winter tuck all sorts of goodies in between the window panes and window screens. Open up each set in your Airbnb and put that vacuum extension to use. Wipe down any mud, muck, and grime that still lingers.
  • Here’s a (scary) question: would you take a blacklight near your Airbnb’s toilet? Routine cleanings usually do a decent job polishing up anything porcelain, but the surrounding tiles, baseboards, and even walls could probably benefit from a spring cleaning scrub. Also, when’s the last time that toilet brush was replaced?
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3) What fabrics aren’t routinely washed?

  • Curtains love to collect dust, smells, and stains, especially if they grace your floors. Take them down and give them a good washing. Just don’t bring them back into your space until everything else is spick and span to ensure they remain clean.
  • Tackle each layer of the bed, from the mattress pads to bed skirts. The latter is a human and pet hair magnet!
  • Gather up all the throw pillows and blankets for a good washing. If the covers aren’t removable, but the pillows are still in good shape, a bit of Febreeze can freshen things right up.
  • As you straighten up any outdoor areas for the season, keep an eye out for any fabrics that aren’t as inviting as they once were. Outdoor pillows, chair seats, and hammocks are the most common sore spots.

4) What’s stained?

  • Without their cases, how do your pillows hold up in the light of day? Remember, guests strip the bed all the time. New pillows might not be as expensive as you might think.
  • If small rugs just inside the door are doing their job well, they’ll either need a good wash and some stain remover, or to be replaced altogether.
  • White dishes can be beautiful, but they deserve a once over. Any rings inside those coffee cups?
Beautiful kitchen workspace in Salt Lake City

5) Where are crumbs hiding?

  • Couch cushions are a common culprit. Pull them all out and vacuum meticulously.
  • Take any container with an open top, empty the contents, and flip it over for cleaning. From crocks filled with kitchen utensils to baskets brimming with toiletries, the bottoms of such things usually need to be cleaned.
  • Kitchens create crumb collections left and right: cracks between counters, divots between floorboards, beneath silverware trays, in toaster trays, in fridge drawers, beneath the microwave’s spinning plate. Go to town!
  • And then there are the crumbs caked onto the dishes. Your spring cleaning should include a hard core scrub of every dish or utensil to which your guests have access. If your Airbnb doesn’t have a dishwasher but your own kitchen does, take those dishes home with you for sanitizing. While all the dishes are out of the cabinets, clean the cabinets themselves. If you use contact paper or padded shelf lining, replace anything that’s run down.

6) Where are your dusting blind spots?

  • Scrutinize the area around the bed. We’ve seen cobwebs hiding under lampshades, dust that’s settled in the nooks and crannies on the underside of headboards, and window sills that need more than a quick swipe.
  • Wall hangings: take ‘em down and tackle them piece by piece. While they’re off the wall, spritz any glass with a touch of Windex.
  • Plants, real and fake, rarely get a good wipe down. Fluffy Swiffers like these work well for delicate surfaces, and the 3-foot extension can help you reach those tough spots.
  • Throughout the entire space, check these off one by one: all baseboards, all door frames, all blinds, and all window sills. Then ask yourself, where do you usually skimp on dusting because of complexity. Tackle vent grates, newel posts, and all those spots that need a step stool or ladder to reach.
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7) Where is water involved?

  • Keep your guests’ morning coffee tasting delicious and descale all your coffee makers. There’s the classic approach with white vinegar or if you have one of their machines, you can pick up Keurig’s solution here.
  • Empty the ice tray, clean out the holder, and make a batch that’s all fresh. If you have a water filtration system of some sort, either Brita or built into your fridge, make sure that filter is fresh and didn’t expire months (or years) ago.
  • As you’re cleaning tubs and sinks, notice whether or not the drain is backing up at all. Some Drano has been in order in more than one Airbnb we’ve visited.
  • Keep an eye out for any tell-tale sign of mold. Dehumidifiers really can make an incredible difference here.

8) What can run out?

  • Test all the lightbulbs in your Airbnb as well as all the battery operated items (smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, remote controls, etc.)
  • Look around for anything that has a finite amount contents. That might be the propane tank underneath an outdoor grill or the bottles of shampoo in the shower. Guests are often trying to be considerate when they don’t use the last bit of an amenity, but if these items aren’t consolidated, the next guests will keep running into items they can’t actually use. Get rid of anything in your space that fits this description and replenish as necessary.
a carbon monoxide detector

9) What’s missing pieces or outdated?

  • Tupperware seems to constantly lose its other half. Match up all sets in your kitchen and remove any lone odds and ends.
  • Double check that any DVDs or board games in your Airbnb are in the right case and have all their pieces respectively. If you have puzzles, be sure there are only puzzle pieces in the box.
  • Information gets outdated faster than anything else. As you spruce up your Airbnb, get rid of any outdated travel guides, takeout menus, or incorrect details in your house manual.
  • Safety check! Examine your fire extinguisher, outlet plugs, and first aid kit. Make sure everything’s stocked and nothing’s expired. Empty all vents, especially behind the dryer to prevent a fire hazard, and swap out your air filters.

10) What looks wobbly or crooked?

  • Every now and again we see piece of furniture that looks a bit dangerous. Double check anything that looks off-kilter and any furniture you assemble yourself. For those top-heavy furniture pieces, we’re big fans of wall anchors to help prevent accidents.
  • Walk around with a Philips screw driver or power drill and tightened anything that’s loose. Handles on kitchen cabinets and dressers seems to go most frequently.
  • Are your blinds all straight and functioning? In most Airbnbs where we’ve come across them, the pull-down spring-loaded variety have all given out.

11) Where are the scrapes and scuffs?

  • For the scrapes, paint touch ups and furniture markers are game-changers. Cleaning up these signs of wear and tear will make your Airbnb look newer faster than anything else.
  • Now for the scuffs. If you have never used the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, trust us: these little sponges truly do feel miraculous! They create the tiniest abrasions, pulling the unwanted material right up. Any scuff or stain on your walls, counters, tubs, sink, you name it, these erasers can almost always make them disappear. They were very popular back in our college days!

12) What do your guests interact with the most?

  • Think about what your guests touch the most and then sanitize: the door knobs, the drawer handles, the light switches, the sink handles, and the keys.
  • Examine the high-traffic pathways that connect key pieces of your Airbnb: between the inside and outside, between the bedroom and bathroom, staircases, and so on. You’ll usually find more build up in these areas than elsewhere.
  • Last but not least, thoroughly clean anything that’s special about your Airbnb: a spectacular front porch, a wood-burning fireplace, a hot tub. Set your guests up to enjoy the aspects of your Airbnb that you love the most. After all, these are the features that really make you shine!

Happy Hosting!

Thanks so much for reading! We’re always eager to hear from you. What spring cleaning surprises were waiting for you? What tips do you have for other hosts? Tell us in the comments below, and until next time, happy hosting!

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